Armada Shipwreck Search at Tobermory Bay (Mull, Scotland, U.K.)

London, England (UK); Tobermory Bay, Argyll, Inveraray, Isle of Mull, Scotland (UK)
Harold E. Edgerton
Film type:
16mm, Kodachrome
Run time:
Duke of Argyll, Esther Edgerton, Harold E. Edgerton, Ian D. Campbell, John D. Mills
Harold E. Edgerton participated in an archaeological expedition in September 1964 to conduct sonar surveys searching for a sunken Spanish Armada ship lost in Tobermory Bay, on the island of Mull, Scotland. In this film Edgerton intersperses tourist shots of London and the area around Tobermory with clips of scuba divers at work during the survey, and locals watching the expedition fieldwork. People featured include Harold and his wife Esther, their host the Duke of Argyll (Ian D. Campbell) and his family, and engineer John D. Mills (MIT 1950) from the U.K. branch office of EG&G.

Tagged: Argyll, shipwreck, sonar, Spanish Armada, survey, underwater archaeology

00:00:01 Introductory information: film title, synopsis, date, run time.
00:00:08 Film begins.
00:00:11 British guard walks back and forth on horseback at the gates of a royal building.
00:00:22 British guards shown on horseback.
00:01:08 British guards dismount from their horses.
00:01:16 Esther Edgerton, by the family VW van, crosses the street.
00:01:24 A street sign identifies the place as the Royal Burgh of Inveraray, capital of Argyll.
00:01:33 Street sign: “To the castle.”
00:01:36 Views of Inveraray Castle in the distance.
00:01:42 Close-up of the castle and parking lot: the Edgerton VW van arrives and is parked.
00:02:09 Harold Edgerton examines a bronze cannon placed outside the castle entrance.
00:02:19 Esther Edgerton examines a crest on the bronze cannon covered in fleurs-de-lis.
00:02:28 John D. Mills (left) and the Duke of Argyll chat in the castle parking lot.
00:02:32 A view of a sailboat moving past the castle in the background.
00:02:41 A view of a small motorboat (ferry)?
00:02:49 People disembark from the ferryboat.
00:02:52 A view of a pub sign: “Galleon Grill.”
00:02:58 The Edgerton VW van parked near a news agent: John Mills (left) greets two men by the van.
00:02:11 Two men row a boat past the ferryboat.
00:03:22 John Mills inflates a rubber dinghy with a foot pump in a parking lot. Children watch.
00:03:57 Mills rolls equipment on a dolly across the street, with another man’s assistance.
00:04:02 Mills and another man roll dolly with equipment down to a motorboat by the water’s edge.
00:04:08 Mills and several men assist in bringing equipment and loading it onto the motorboat.
00:04:16 A man assists, with Edgerton boomer equipment in background.
00:04:23 View of harbor with children playing at a beach.
00:04:28 A large ferryboat steams away.
00:04:33 Sailboats and a motorboat in the harbor.
00:04:37 A scuba diver deploys a line off the side of the motorboat; Mills is in the stern.
00:04:43 Mills and another scuba diver on rubber dinghy leave the motorboat.
00:04:55 The rubber dinghy motors away; views of Tobermory seaside and harbor station in the background.
00:05:27 Views of sailing boats (in a regatta?), the motorboat, and a large ferry in Tobermory harbor.
00:05:41 Focus on a red buoy in water (decoy for scuba divers under water?).
00:05:48 A large jelly fish can be seen from the boat.
00:06:11 Sailors for HMS Malcolm approach the dive boat on a launch; they pull up to boat with gaff.
00:06:32 Scuba divers, including John Mills with moustache, are back on the motorboat with dive equipment; they shake heads, and look discouraged.
00:06:46 Divers jump in water before diving.
00:07:08 A sonar graph of a sub-bottom profile is shown (likely a page from a printed book).
00:07:18 Mills (mustache) on the dock next to the moored vessel holds a round object (thick cylinder: porthole? tire?) retrieved from the sea.
00:07:33 Mills is assisted as he takes off his scuba suit, with lots of people watching from roadside above.
00:07:56 Esther Edgerton stands by the Edgerton VW van, filled with instruments in cases. Two little boys in kilts watch her and climb into the van.
00:08:21 Film ends.
00:08:27 © MIT 2010 credits.

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