A Serendipitous Tour of Doc’s Lab in 1987

by Bill Arcarese

May 10, 2012

About 25 years ago (1987) I was living in Boston and one day we took
some out of town friends for a tour of the MIT campus.

After walking around for a few minutes we were approached by an
elderly gentleman who asked us if we wanted to see something
interesting. We said why not and followed him into a building and into
a lab. At this point I looked around and turned to my wife and friends
and said in an astonished tone, “Do you know who this is? It’s Doc

He proceeded to give us a strobe demonstration and told us about work
he was doing exploring the floor of the Charles River. He spent a
couple of hours with us and the lasting memory I will always have is
that he was so excited about what he showed us – as though he had just
discovered it all yesterday!

What a great day that was! What a great man Рnever to be forgotten.

Thanks, Doc!


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