Edgerton Lab Notebook T-6, Page 82
December 22, 1935

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Description: (curated)

Two strips of drop photos are pasted onto this page. One strip is labeled, “Soap?” and the other, “H2O.” Beneath both strips is the caption, “Taken with E.A. Hauser. Chem. Eng. Dept. A further set was taken on Dec. 16 1935 with C.E. Reed, Ben Holt, 2-011.”

Another photo, of very low contrast and unidentified, but bearing a resemblance to the photos on page 82, was tucked in between pages 82 and 83. (JB)

drops & splashes
Hauser, E.A.
Holt, Ben
Reed, C.E.

Page start date: December 22, 1935

Page type: notes, photograph


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