Edgerton Lab Notebook 22, Page 83
September 25, 1954

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HEE notes return on 09/11/1954 with son Bill Edgerton from research expedition in collaboration with J.-Y. Cousteau in France, on underwater photography equipment for use with the bathyscaphe [FNRS II?]
Methods of photography (a) observer on board bathyscaphe (b) tow-sled-mounted camera deployed from ship (c) vertical camera with sonar pinger
HEE refers to 20 letters documenting research trip on CALYPSO, sent to NGS
Upcoming article in April 1955 National Geographic Magazine re camera work
PHOTO: Bill and Harold Edgerton on board CALYPSO; taken by Simone Cousteau

Page start date: September 25, 1954

Page type: notes, photograph

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