Edgerton Lab Notebook 11, Page 93
July 11, 1941

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Entry dated July 14, 1941:
Doc had a phone conversation with “Mr. Garstang” [?] of Electronics Co., Indianapolis, Ind., about breakage problems with the night aerial flash tubes. Garstang also talked about using the strobe as an aircraft beacon, an application about which Doc was also thinking. Doc thinks that, to be effective, the beacon would need to flash at 5 second intervals. (JB)

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Doc mentions that Fred Barstow is completing his analysis of the data obtained “during the work on the Wright Field illumination.”

night aerial photography
Barstow, Fred
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio
night aerial photography
aerial strobes
Garstang, _____

Page start date: July 11, 1941

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