Edgerton Lab Notebook 11, Page 71
May 09, 1941

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Doc has spent most of the past two weeks with Robert Feicht from Wright Field, working on the night aerial equipment. On May 6, they mounted the equipment in a B-18 and made test photos in flight northwest of Boston. Fred Barstow sate in the top rear “blister” of the plane, holding the photo electric cell that triggered the flash; David Kearns [?] operated the camera. They shot 46 photos from 1,000 to 4,000 feet high, but because the camera and flash were less than 4 feet apart, the photographs were disappointing since the flare of the flash showed on the film. On the flight back, they photographed MIT from 1,900 feet; this image is pasted onto page 74. Other photos of the equipment mounted in the plane are pasted onto pages 71-73, including one of Barstow in the plane’s “blister.” (JB)

night aerial photography
Barstow, Fred
Feicht, Robert N.
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio

Page start date: May 09, 1941

Page type: photograph


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