Edgerton Lab Notebook 09, Page 150
May 22, 1939

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Description: (curated)

Three photos are pasted onto this page. At the top, Gjon Mili is photographing water that a man identified as Pete is pouring out of a beaker onto a plate or board that another man, identified as Steve, holds. This image is labeled, “N.Y.”

The center photo is captioned, “James Laws Soil Cons. dept.” This image shows the set-up for water drop photos, using two strobes. The drop is caught as it forms the bubble.

The bottom photo is a golf swing multiflash, captioned, “Jimmy Thomson May 10 1939 100/sec.” (JB)

drops & splashes
Laws, James
Mili, Gjon

Page start date: May 22, 1939

Page type: photograph


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