Edgerton Lab Notebook 09, Page 39
July 07, 1938

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With its mention of photographing golfers, greyhounds, bullets and divers, this page from Doc’s notebook gives an idea of the many new uses to which he put strobe in the late 1930s.
“Set up velvet curtain and white curtain in Hangar last weekend. Single photography and also multiple shots arranged.
Denny Shute, wife, and E{?} Reed came over July 5 and we took photos of them in evening.
… Discussed Spaulding studies with Stevens of AD Litttle on Friday aft[er] July 8. We are to work for 6 months at 400 per on studies of golf etc.
Took photos at Harvard swimming pool…”
Grayhound photos

Page start date: July 07, 1938

Page type: diagram, notes

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