Edgerton Lab Notebook 09, Page 10a
May 01, 1938

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A newspaper article about MIT Open House from the Boston Herald, Sunday, May 1, 1938, and the Open House program are pasted onto this notebook page. The high-speed photography events are mentioned in both, including the demonstation of Edgerton’s strobe in which visitors were able to take high-speed photos with their personal cameras. In his welcome in the program, MIT president Karl Taylor Compton notes, “A unique feature of Open House is the fact that it is handled from start to finish by the students themselves. The faculty stands by for advice if requested, but it is essentially the students who show the institution to their friends.” (JB)

drops & splashes
MIT Open House

Page start date: May 01, 1938

Page type: foldout/overlaynewspaper clipping


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