Publication Guidelines and Copyright/Licensing Terms of Use

[IMAGE:HEE-SC-07384 Helike (Aigion, Greece, 1971)
OR HEE-SC-06585 (Yucatan, Mexico, 1975)

Harold ‘Doc’ Edgerton traveled the world handing out postcards of his famous pictures. Help us to perpetuate his spirit of generosity by sharing the source of the images you use.

The content on this website, derived from the Edgerton Collection, is copyrighted to MIT unless otherwise noted. Usage terms are listed below.

1. Web use

Images downloaded from the website for non-profit or academic purposes may be used without charge by filling out a form (see below), provided that the images are properly identified and given a clear credit line as follows:

© 2010 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Courtesy of MIT Museum.

Where possible, we would appreciate it if you could also include a link from your website to ours:

Please keep us informed about how you are using materials from our website, as we are keen to document the ways in which Edgerton’s images are perceived, interpreted, shared and transformed in today’s digital world. Thank you!

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2. Print and video

The MIT Museum does not provide high-resolution images from the Edgerton Collection for personal use, at this time.

For image publication of Edgerton materials in print, electronic or video format or any other use, a signed Permission Use Agreement is required along with payment of associated Reproduction Fees. Requestors will also be asked to provide one copy of the publication or product for the Museum’s records.

Most permissions are granted for a one-time, non-exclusive right to publish a single edition in a single language. Additional uses require additional permission to publish and the payment of additional fees.

Fees are determined by the publication’s anticipated market. Current use fees for non-commercial use range from $20 to $80 per item dependent on use and market. Please be in touch regarding current fees for commercial uses. Additional fees apply to non-print media, and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Prepayment of fees can be made by check, money order or credit card through the Museum’s secure online site. Special rates apply to the MIT community.

Products and other uses – this is determined on a case-by-case basis. Please fill out the form below and provide as much detail as possible about your proposal along with full contact information and how you can be reached.

Publication Request

For publication requests, please complete the application form below with the following information:

Product format
Author(s) or producers
Organization (including billing address)
Date of publication/production
Distribution: regional, national, or worldwide
Use: commercial or non-commercial; educational

General Museum copyright policies and publication guidelines and are available at MIT Museum Fee details.

Academic Use

If you are a student or teacher in either K-12 or college/university, please provide the following information about your project and intended image use:

Elementary / Middle / High School / College
Project title
Brief Description

Bibliographical citation guidelines

When permission to publish material is granted, you may refer to the examples below for suggested bibliographic citations:

For Edgerton research notebooks and manuscripts:

Laboratory Notebook [number], [Notebook date], [page number], Harold Eugene Edgerton Papers, 1889-1990 (MC 25), Institute Archives and Special Collections, MIT Libraries, Cambridge MA.

For Edgerton images:

Edgerton, Harold E. [Image title]. [Date]. [Object Number]. MIT Museum, Edgerton Digital Collections. [Date Accessed].

Image caption:

Harold E. Edgerton: [Title], [Year of image]. Courtesy of MIT Museum.