Edgerton Lab Notebook 07, Page 110
January 08, 1937

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Doc gives details about the lenses, f stops, and film used in two days of experiments with student Joseph Keithley to photograph milk drops falling “about 8 or 10 inches from bottom of electric light bulb.” One lens was changed “to give pictures more snap.” (JB)

“Worked again on photos of splashes,” Doc wrote in his notebook. His set-up sketch on this page shows that the drops fell just over 7 inches before hitting the plate. (JB)

Doc notes printing some of the negatives made the day before (see January 10, 1937, notebook 7, p. 111). “They are quite good.” (JB)

drops & splashes
Keithley, Joseph F.

Page start date: January 08, 1937

Page type: diagram, notes


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