60 Responses to “HEE-NC-57001”

  1. SadieIsCool says:

    its amazing seriously i wish i could do that!

  2. LAMBO says:

    i am so amazed with this picture :D

  3. JimJim says:

    insensible picture
    it should be either the drop on the top be lower or the surface of liqiud be smooth

  4. Bill Em says:

    This needs to be appreciated for the time period this was taken in. Nowadays capturing this moment is trivial as we can take multiple high-speed exposures and select which ever one we want. In this day, they had to capture this images just to see what was going on. We are so spoiled in this day and age.

  5. Jiayi Liu says:

    It is both fascinating and weird that there’s absolutely no mike in the middle while there’s a tiny drop up there in the air which was bounced back. Looks like the diamond of the crown, isn’t it? Maybe we should name that drop of milk “Diamond”.=)

  6. ace says:

    that is awesome!

  7. Ellie says:

    Doc’s work has always impressed me.

  8. Francisco says:


  9. Claudio says:

    Thought it was a crown º•º

  10. willus147 says:

    a crown

  11. […] Many of his photographs were published in Time magazine.  In 1937, one of Edgerton’s milk-drop photographs was included in the first photography exhibition at the Museum of Modern […]