8 Responses to “HEE-NC-38003”

  1. abby says:

    i think that football is a little flat!

  2. Olivia R. M. says:

    olivia, age 3 says “Hello Stephen, I don’t know what to say about this picture.”

  3. vmstr says:

    the football aint flat, the pic is tryin to show that evn things that we dont imagine to bend or anything, actually do bend more than we think.

  4. Chubzdoomer says:

    vmstr’s sarcasm detector is broken.

  5. John W. - Manassas, VA says:

    Evidently, this photo is instead from 1934. The Wikipedia page for All-American football player Wes Fesler, Ohio State University mentions this photo as quoted below. Fesler was consensus AA in 1928 and ’29 and unanimous choice in 1930 and is a member of the College Football Hall-of-Fame, as a player. He went on to coaching prominence winning a National Championship in 1949 for his alma mater.

    “In 1934, high-speed photographer “Doc” Edgerton took the now-classic photograph “Wes Fesler Kicking a Football.” The stroboscope photograph demonstrated the dent in the ball at the point of contact.”

  6. John W. - Manassas, VA says:

    I spoke a little too soon. The Fesler information does indeed date from 1934 but is the black and white photos contained herein. My error.

  7. Michael Jackson says:

    A fooball player kicking a football

  8. Claire Calcagno says:

    See “Stopping Time” (1987), pp. 52-3.