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Doc’s Strobe Lights on Boston’s Prudential Tower

Science Friday Picture of the Week: Milk Drop

Seeing the Unseen [VIDEO]

MIT Presents High Speed Motion Pictures Taken with Stroboscopic Lights [VIDEO]

Mediterranean Sonar Research with Cousteau [VIDEO]

Underwater Photography - MIT Science Reporter TV [VIDEO]

High Speed Photography: National Geographic Society Lecture (C) [VIDEO]

Edgerton Demonstrates Stroboscopic and High-Speed Photography [VIDEO]

Underwater Elapsed Time Motion Picture [VIDEO]

Spray Mechanism of African Bombardier Beetles [VIDEO]

Photographic Instrumentation Under the Sea [VIDEO]

High-Speed Motion Pictures With Stroboscopic Light [VIDEO]

Edgerton Short Subjects and Testing Sonar Equipment [VIDEO]

USS MONITOR Shipwreck Project [VIDEO]

Takes for "The Invisible World" [VIDEO]

Flash Photography Set-Up and Demonstrations: Film Takes [VIDEO]

Copepods, Stentors, Milk Drops, Eric Newman [VIDEO]

Submersibles and Bathyscaphes in the Mediterranean Sea [VIDEO]

Photography of Microcirculation of the Blood [VIDEO]

Photography of Nuclear Detonations [VIDEO]

Doc at San Severo, Italy 1943-1944

A Car As Fast As Doc’s Speeding Bullets

Doc, Bats and Rattlesnakes in the 1930s and ’40s

Memories of My Senior Thesis Advisor, Doc Edgerton

Exploding Pingers and Dinner Parties: Doc in the 1950s

Personal Stories


Midwestern Boy: 1903 – 1926

Seeing in the Dark

Drawing of Strobes on Under Water Vehicle (Bathyscaphe)


Underwater Photography

Underwater sonar acoustics

Cousteau Collaborations

Underwater Vehicles

Marine Biology

Shipwreck Studies

Studies at MIT: 1926 – 1931

Rapatronic Shutter

Strobe in Industry: 1931 – onwards


Shadow Photography


EG&G the Company: 1947 Onwards

Underwater Exploration: 1953 – 1986

Lifetime of Teaching: 1928 – 1987

Doc at Loch Ness: A Bolt From the Blue